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Let’s have a small story time, shall we? Kinda wanted to have a clickbait title so people like Cyan or Hime can check this out.

So it’s Sunday afternoon, close to evening, and it’s pretty chill at my workplace, no customers or guests for hours, so it was fairly nice. My coworker decided to sit down and watch League of Legends stream on his phone when he suddenly asked me, “do you play any games?” To which I replied, “why, yes, of course I do, I play Aion.” He started searching the game in google and of course, came to the NA website. I’m not sure how to describe this, but I felt ashamed and embarrassed, he wanted to learn the classes and stuff about the game but everything is so outdated, it just wasn’t appealing to him enough.

He used the unofficial wikia page to learn about the Songweaver class, Gunslinger and Aethertech. I guess that’s a nice way to attract players, ain’t it? Deep inside I wish I had shown him the EU website instead first, but the NA just wasn’t that appealing I guess.

This has been talked on and about for so long, but this is a prime example that even if the website is old, it should be updated with the latest info about classes and patches. I got interested in this Classic server for Lineage 2, and dang, that website is so smooth, fast and very simple to navigate, no dead links, all crystal clear regarding classes and different paths, so I started playing it, because it was appealing even if the game is from 2004. Even Hime is their Senior Community Manager too.

So, why or how is that? WildStar has less players and is now shutting down but I guess it’s Carbine Studios who took care of the community? I’m not sure why Aion is so neglected. I guess it kinda does make me feel better that there’s drama on L2 forums for lack of communication from NCWest just like here lol.

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1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I always preface "I play Aion" with "It's a bit outdated and neglected, but..."


It's sad. This guy was a bit surprised to see on the wikia that there's 3 additional classes to play, it was painful to see him switch between NA website and the wikia, trying to make this "connection", I'm not sure how to even describe it.

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What's sad is that as a devoted player of Aion you had to try and explain why the publisher doesn't care about it.

"Come play this great game that I have played for 9 years.. only don't look for information from Support or from the official website. Instead ask me or one of the dedicated posters on the forums. If you have technical issues, again.. don't go to Support. Ask Cheesecake. She will fix you right up. Questions on 6.2.. ask Kubei. General questions.. Byros, Vantheria or I can help you."

It's -crazy-.

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Also don't bring him to the forum. They are only 20 people writing here and there's not a single post praising NCSoft for their job. Only complains.

This really doesn't give a good impression of the current status.

Thanks for the clickbait though, I enjoyed it.

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I cannot agree more, Aion needs a revamped new update Website to come along with the 6.0 update, the most important patch in years, it's our biggest chance to call new players attention, and make this game back to its average community quantity. I still remember back before 5.3 update, during a letter of the producer, talking about the future plans, including an order of priority, the wich had on it new forum, updates 5.3 and 5.8 and faster updates and closer to korean ones dates (yeah right...), and new website, which never happened.

This game need a visual revamp in website, and social networks, call attention, everything enter first on the eyes, for the love of god, give AIon some love from the NcWest team! @Cyan @Hime guys this is urgent before the patch.

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