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Updated Website for Aion NA with new patch?


Updated Website for Aion NA with new patch?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Aion NA needs a new and updated website with an wiki of all classes and info for new players with new patch?

    • Yes, its really necessary
    • No, we don't need it.

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Hi , i created this poll to make AIon tema how important for players is to have a new and uopdated website, with information of all classes and the game for new players, due old players can handle to go other unnofficials websites for information, but we also need to bring new players and they really need to find that info in the official website.

If you think this is true express on the poll, and if not.. you are free to also vote.

However i really hopes the Aion team ( @Cyan and @Hime) consider this and can do something for the 6.2 Patch release.  I beleieve there is many people in here who would love to help with promoting and many other social networks job and website too. 

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4 minutes ago, DraaKeeN-KT said:

The should reset the GP/AP Legion Ranks to. 

Way to be totally off the topic! And to totally off topically react to your post.. why in the hell would they do that? You already fall off the ranks when you don't gain enough GP in a month. That system works very well and should work even better in 6.2. The very idea of taking away something that an -active- player has earned is a terrible one.

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