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To apologize first for the bad English for the translator wanted to comment on the following, lately it looks very, very low in the scope of pvp to the Asmodians and not only I say it here in NA (server katalam) but also in the US it is the same situation, it is like they all were almost elians and not asmos, when 6.2 arrives the fortress will only be Elia due to the small amount of Asmodian people that gives cavida to the PVP and I see few officers fighting except some meet for instances but then they are very absent , and in the end there is no balance as it should be

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Traditionally Asmos have always been the more sociable and PvP-focused minority, while Elyos have the numbers. Once the 6.2 hype has died down and the Elyos numbers begin to dwindle again chances are you'll see another Asmo domination spree before long. I don't think you need to worry about the fortress being Elyos-only.

People only doing event stuff or instances is also nothing new. It's just more noticeable in 5.x than before, because 30 mins of event farming is more rewarding than 3 weeks of doing regular 5.x content.

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