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It's RNG... that means you got 2-3 a run before. 

What I can say that I have shitty RNG (I get 1-2 a run) while my friend gets 4-6 on average. I don't think there was a nerf, just your RNG god didn't like you that day, it may be totally different or just RNG hates you last few days.

What I do think is that the events like this are kinda bugged when we have drop buff on since there may be some collision, idk, I haven't programmed Aion. But be sure the drop rate buff doesn't affect this event.

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"just RNG hates you last few days" I am totally agree whit this AJAJAJ , the point is I feel that since last update yesterday   !!! so I think was a lowered of rate drop but I don't think for RNG way , lets ee how works tomorrow hope get better drops 


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