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Missed the livestream. Anyone got a summary?


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The last half was just previewing new skins, so you didn't miss anything there.

Big points:

Temperings are exchanged at a ratio of 1:3 (so you get 3 new enchantment stones per 1 tempering).

Omegas are exchanged at 1:1 (so only 1 new enchantment stone per 1 omega).

Transformation contracts (not scrolls) in the Gold Sands Market are a bit cheaper than in other regions. They're a bit less than 10 mil kinah per contract for us.

The ultimate transformation, Kaisinel, only lasts for 2 minutes. Whites last for 10 mins, greens for 8 mins, ancients possibly 6 mins, and legendaries possibly 4 mins. Note, that's speculation on ancient and legendary; we were only told white, green, and Kaisinel for sure.

Other than that, they just previewed the new pve instance, Primeth's Forge, and talked about the kinah/gold ingot points that were already posted in yesterday's article.

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