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New System – Daevanion Skills

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Hi all,
One of the new systems we didn’t mention on the livestream today is Daevanion Skills. Daevanion Skills are skill enhancements for a select set of skills each class already has. You can unlock different skill types to tailor their effects for various situations.

How to Acquire
To acquire a Daevanion Skill, you must use a Daevanion Skill Book, which are very rare items. One way of acquiring them is via the Gold Sand Traders – one Daevanion Skill Box is available per week. Daevanion Skill Boxes are also dropped by the Shulack, Smuggler Shukirukin, who spawns randomly in high-level instances. If you’re lucky, you’ll find Great Smuggler Shukirukin, who is guaranteed to drop a Legendary Daevanion Skill Box. Clumsy Smuggler Shukirukin drops an Ancient Daevanion Skill Box most of the time, but has a small chance of dropping the Legendary one instead.
Daevanion Skill Boxes provide one random Daevanion Skill Book for your class.


How to Use
After you’ve acquired a Daevanion Skilll, you can access them in your Skill menu under the Daevanion Skill tab. There you can see all available skills and select the skill you wish to use. Just make sure to hit Apply to save the changes.

Once you change to a Daevanion Skill type, it will automatically be reflected on your toolbar and work in place of the original default skill.


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2 hours ago, Bryos-DN said:

I have a question. Why is it always the SW point of view when it comes to previews of class updates? :P Cant you choose a less brain dead class?

Well, maybe because Hime is one of them!! :ph34r:

edit: I mean, one SWnyerk fan, not brainless one :P

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