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7b giveaway in DN-A if you try another MMO

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Hi all, new and old players of Aion!

So the 6.2 is coming and apparently all the kinah will be untradeable. For this reason, since I quit the game more than 1 year ago, I decided to donate all my kinah. I already gave 50 billions to some of my friends, but I still have 7 billions "spare" (maybe something more if I have enough will/time to sell some old stuff).

Anyway, I decided to give 500k kinah to every players that creates a new account on Guild Wars 2 and posts a pic of his/her character.

At the beginning I though to give away 1b each, but the idea is to tickle new Aion's players/players willing to try some other MMO, not to have requests from farmers/veterans with already a lot of kinah. For those, 500k shouldn't be worth the hassle to create fake accounts and download a game that will be deleted for sure. But if very few players are interested, I may increase the bill.


Rules then:

- You must have an Asmodian character in Danaria.

- Post here that you are interested in the giveaway, so you'll book your spot (14 spots available in total, first come first served) and you have more time to download the game. (Say on which character you want to receive the kinah, in case it's not the same you use to post.)

- Create an account at  https://account.arena.net/register?alt=gw2

- Download the game and create your character (any server). You must create a new account, old accounts are not valid (if you already played GW2, you already know if you like it or not).

- Once you complete the tutorial (first mission, you'll become lv.2 after it; it lasts a couple of minutes) take a screen shot of your character. Important: type "/age" in chat, before taking the screen shot, like here:


- Edit your original post adding the picture (by Sunday).

- 500k kinah will be mailed to your character before the 24th (on Monday).


Good luck fellow Asmodians o/

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7 hours ago, BeritraVice-KT said:


Do I count in the giveaway now? xD

In my defense I only EXTREMELY recently started GW2. I should play it more!

Yep, there was no need to attach this last screen shot, only the previous one was important (although I don't know how it's possible that you played more with the engineer in the screen shot than with all the characters of the account put together. Just curiosity, I'm not questioning you).

The kinah has been delivered right now! Thank you for participating.

Still 2 hours left for the giveaway.

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The giveaway is now over.

Thank you to all the people who've read it and didn't complain/mock me like someone did in-game (where I also advertise a bit - just a couple of time tbh).

Gratz to the (only :D) winner!


Whatever game you play, I wish you a good time <3


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