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+12 manastones in current gear

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20 minutes ago, Asante-KT said:

Will +12 manastones in current gear be tradeable for the new manastones or does it stay in your current gear and you can't use them?

As far as I read, whatever is already socketed will remain in your armor, whatever is not socketed will probably be converted to +10 version of the manastone (or something else)

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It's my understanding that you will only be able to trade in +12 manastones that you have in your inventory, not if they're already in gear.  That wouldn't make sense.  That would be like saying "well here you can trade in tempering solutions that you used to temper your plume."  Why would you be compensated for items/consumables you've already used?

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7 hours ago, Capa-KT said:

the nyerk, how has no one ever stated this before ?

This is something that happened on Korea only. I'm trying to find the post about this but I'm having a bit of difficulty. I remember they had this exchange, but don't take my word for it to happen on NA :) 

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Top Line "+12 manastones in weapon/armor will receive a coupon that can be exchanged for a new manastone"

Bottome Line " +12 manastones can be exchanged via NPC to new manastones"

Post discussing delays in exchange.

This was done in Korea but I don't know that it happened in any other region.

I actually socketed a few manastones assuming they would be exchanged, still a chance we might get something.

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