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How to keep other armor skins?

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My understanding is that in 6.x my cleric will be able to wear ONLY chain.  I have a Bastion Protector Magic Jerkin which is the gunner leather jerkin with the long leather coat.  (It looks totally badass when I'm riding my Sharptooth Steamrunner.)  Is there a way to skin it onto chain or a generic chest piece that I will still be able to wear in 6.x?


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Well I had some cloth skins on my cleric and what I did was trading them to my sm, since she can use them.

I don't think there is any other way of dealing with this change, and I suggest you to do the same if you have a gunner, ranger or assassin and want to keep the skin.

Edit: Only way to use that skin on your cleric would be if NC added it to bcm (or whatever new shop they making) as clothing, just like they did to Primal, TS, Abyssal and crafted skins. But in that case you would have to buy it, the one you already have would remain useless for your cleric so yeah, I would trade it to a character than can wear it.

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