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Add a no SS previlege on prestige pack users

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Since we're merging and ofc us from a server with low population and not a lot kinah,it would be impossible to buy a mansion or an estate.Why don't you guys add no SS to prestige holders.That way users get to enjoy what they pay for monthly,and it will encourage people to buy Prestige.So it's a win-win situation for both nc and the player.Please consider it since you cannnot give us instanced housing anyway

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Yes if a 30-day equivalent of an Administrator's Boon was added to the Prestige Pack I might actually buy the thing.

I hate Soul Sickness. I frequently refuse a combat ress and return to a kisk rather than deal with it.

Being on Siel the housing prices are outrageous. I simply can't compete with players who have TRILLIONS at their disposal to get a large enough house to prevent Soul Sickness.

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I think that is a good idea. 

And I would like to say that all the Prestige Pack awards could change! Because it does not weigh to have prestige pack, it only gives a crap in the daily prize and the monthly box.

Do a survey and look who's happy with the Prestige Pack awards. This will be the last month that pays prestige pack, I prefer to buy the boost pack

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