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Hi. I have this quest, named above, which is a solo instance. I got through and out the other side, but then realised that I'd missed picking up one item, as I didn't find the creature that had it, and also missed another sub quest inside Taloc, Taloc's Knot, so of course they're still showing up in my quest log. Is there a way to get back in? When I look at the little cave icon, it says 1/1, and it also says it resets once a day, at 9 hour, (whatever that means)  but I've been online at various times and never seen it reset. Is that it, have I missed my chance to finish it? Or should I abandon the quests and so reset getting them again? Or is it even worth the bother? Thanks

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The "reset once a day at 9 hour" means that you are allowed to enter Taloc's Hollow one time per day. The daily limit will reset the following day at 9:00am server time; at that time, you may enter the instance again. However, if it says 1/1, then that means you can enter. If you have used up your one entry that day, it would show a timer countdown in red print that would tell you how many hours you have until it resets.

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