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Question 4 Hime


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So I watched the live stream, read the patch notes and I have a question(s) that you didn't address in them.


Coming into 6.2 both katalam and daniria had a massive drop in server population.  Now with a new server coming out that will also take players away from both old servers will all the servers have enough active players.

My question is how is AION going to be advertised to get NEW players.  We all know there will be old players to come back to try 6.2 out but how are you going to get us new players.  How will they be distributed to the 3 servers is there going to be a default we recommend this server to get the new members to a certain server.


Also a question about the 2 old servers.  Being a veteran player I have played 6.2 already I picked a class I had little interest and had no clue how to play and I leveled quickly with the new system but at the end I never learned the basics of the build like witch skill rotations that a veteran player would know so low dps.

So my question is on the old servers how are you going to keep the new players to stay when they are kicked from every instance for not having the dps experience, team work experience, and the basics of the game that the veteran players have?


So yeah how is NCSOFT getting new players.

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