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New server but no increased character limit???


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Ok so this is what I don't understand about the NA version of Aion.  The EU version gives players a total of 11 character slots to have.  This makes perfect sense since there are a total of 11 classes to have in the game.  This is the part that makes no sense.  The NA version of the game only allows 8 (or is it 9?) characters across the account.  There is still 11 classes but one can not even have 1 of each class on the same account in the NA version of Aion.  This is the part that makes even less sense than that.  You guys go and open a new damn server up for people to make characters on (assuming they're not already at their 8 character limit.  You guys refuse to add to the game in the BCM something that allows players to BUY character slots (again for whatever the reason which makes no sense to me since it would literally be profit to you guys).  Why was there no character limit increase with the patch today when there was a new server added and why is there no purchasable increase character limit out there?  I would literally pay $25-50 per character to get more slots opened up.

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