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Signep up for a gift yet no code to be applied.

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1 hour ago, Dvsone-KT said:

what exactly did we sign up for? Was it the survey we got yesterday after maintenance? 

No. It's a separate thing. The survey yesterday was for the unscheduled maintenance. The code for the gifts we get for registering are on your Account page here on the website. Go to the front page of the website. From the My Account pull down menu select Apply a Code. Select the Aion menu and apply the code there. The code doesn't come in an e-mail. It will be sitting on that Aion menu in your Account.

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57 minutes ago, Vocifera-DN said:

Samesies, I'll await somewhat patiently for my freebies :P

Did you go to your Account here on the website and look at the Apply a Code tab? It should be there. The code is not sent in an e-mail. It will just be on your Account page and waiting for you to apply it.

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12 hours ago, Thalantyr-DN said:

Been checking daily on my account and still don't see any codes myself. Just wondering if there is any update about this or do we still need to wait.

At this point, I would contact Support and cross your fingers you get someone that understands what you are asking about.


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