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Spiritmaster stigma

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Really depends on the situation. For highest dps/solo farming pet build is best:


You can also use this build in party play if you are able to keep your pet alive.  You need to have good control of your pet to get the best out of this build. Make sure to invest CP in the Archdaeva kamikaze, its a sizable damage boost in PvE and doesn't destroy your pet.

xKenpachi's suggestion is good for raids or lazy/casual dungeon parties. Magic's Freedom is a good substitute if you or your parties magic dps cant hit the magic boost requirement, this will mostly be for the current end game BoS.


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The build Kenpachi linked is a good choice for group instances, where other ppl can benefit from IB.
The build Violeta mentiond is exactly what I use for crucible spire and I love it.
For soloing instances tho, I preffer to switch ruinous offense and stone scour to healing spirit and enmity swap.

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