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Is it okay to transfer a char to another server without race conflict ?

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Cyan said that they hoped people would use this to clear up conflicts, but he didn't say we couldn't use it just to transfer. I know several people that just wanted to be on the other server when mergers happen. They transferred and are fine.

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In my opinion, if they cared enough to ban people for doing it, they would have put more restrictions on who could transfer instead of making it free to everyone. They just don't want you to because it was only made free for the people who would have conflicts and shouldn't have to pay for something that wasn't their fault. 

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9 hours ago, Kageshi-TM said:

how do I even move my toons?  I have an actual conflict and need to transfer >>

Store > Account Services > Paid Character Transfers (the amt will be zero).

Select the character you want to move. If no options for transferring pop up, it is probably because the number of transfers for the week are filled. Try again early on Wednesday.

Be aware that transfers right now have conditions. You can only keep a small amount of GP. You can only have 1 billion kinah. Later transfers with the kinah limit removed and the GP amount increased will open. We don't know when that will happen. It should be announced. 

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