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Aion 4K Resolution bug. 800x600 always.


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Hello. I'm trying to return to Aion, and I config the game to my native resolution which is 3840x2160. I config the resolution, full screen mode, graphics and UI. Then I close the game and open again, the game is 800X600. No matter what I do, whenever I config resolution and open the game back, it does not save the "3840x2160".
I have:
GTX 1070 Nvidia, latest driver
I3 6100

no problem with hardware so far. Please help! Also the UI is still small even in 130%, why NCsoft couldn't let us adjust even to 200%!??

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The problem is that it is set as pixels, not % of the screen which means when you have double the width and double the height in resolution the height and width of the UI stays the same.

About the resolution - the game seems to detect your resolution every time you start the game, which is weird tho. instead of full-screen try borderless windows, sometimes it helps

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