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Game Disconnection

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Hello everyone, I've been having a problem recently with Aion, please note this has happened before and after the update when I tried it. So my problem is that I would play Aion for 5 mins or so then the actions would start to lag so when I click on a monster or try to use a skill the character nor the monster does anything for a minute then it catches up and then eventually I get disconnected from the server. I tried waiting till the latest update in hopes it would be fixed but it still disconnected me. was going through the tutorial quests, getting rid of them and such and when I clicked on one, nothing happened for a minute then I got disconnected. It can't possibly be something wrong with my computer since it's a brand new built gaming PC and I've never had this problem on my laptop either and my internet was still connected at the time. So is there something wrong with the servers or is there some other solution to the problem that can be used to help?

Many thanks

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