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Lost chance with new server


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I will keep this simple and to the point.  I have been excited about the new changes to Aion and my wife and I are still looking forward to the changes but feel like the wind kinda went silent with my sails because of the new server.  I've been hoping for a new server for a few years because I was in the military and deployed for the last 10 years of my life but when I could I played Aion.  Now I am retiring and this new start to Aion brought me back.  I used the event to level up and start working on my gear.  So you got me NCSoft.  Stating that there wouldnt be any new servers and making us all believe that the current servers are the way to play the new patch.  I spent some money (yep ya got me) but now the new server is sitting there staring me in the face.  I still rather play on the new server and that is where I am heading.  But not going to lie, not a fan of how you treated me/us during this process.  I fully understand why you did it, money but no matter what you missed your chance.  The work put into my character over the last couple of weeks feels like saving money for a special toy/product and purchasing it just to find out a new version is being released in two weeks and you can't take back the older version.  

If you would of put a little effort into promoting the new server you would of made more money in the long run but it would of taken more work (thou not much).  But you miss your chance.  Your forums could of been filled with exciting post over the last two months from people looking forward to the new server.  Players could have been organizing guilds and events on the server forums prepping for the new server, allowing it to be MUCH healthier for the longhaul but you took that chance from us.  

You will still make money NCSoft but don't think what you did was worth it.  We all believe you are making Aion 2 from the rumors and you could of ended the Aion elder years with some public backing but instead it will just be another instance where people can complain of how mismanaged the game is when it comes to customer satisfactions.

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You're totally right OP. The problem is not this fake "refly", as the game is still the same old farming game. They can remove essence cores but add cubics, remove some tier of gear and limit the enchantment level, but increasing the number of purifications. It's still the same unfriendly and overcomplicated game. We had RNG for loot boxes, then for manastones, then for tempering, now even the entrance for the instances are RNG... seriously. Not to mention that they ruined again some characters's model.

But the disgusting thing is that they are just liars.

On 27/09/2018 at 9:39 PM, Hime said:

No, plans for new servers or merges currently.

With what face could @Hime say such thing, when there was a specific thread about the new server going on for days. Don't tell me that you didn't know about the new server until NCWest posted the patch notes, because you never gave an update about this important topic. Ofc this would have stopped ppl from enchanting their gear, so money first, saving your face after. Good job.

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I realize Aion is run by a business, and business decisions to turn profit must be made.  I get why being able to transfer kinah to anyone is gone.  I get why having an Aion specific currency to be able to prove 100% accurately how much money Aion is adding to the bottom line by intentional purposes and not just as a side effect of people playing other NCsoft games also.  I get running promotions and encouraging people to spend money to prep characters for a major game change and being able to show how much of a financial profit the coming change generated in the player community of the game.

What I don't get is the intentional withholding of critical information that customers use to determine whether to purchase your product or not.  After a month of intentionally leading your customers to believe there would be no new server, and not disclosing such critical information when you did become aware, is such a high level of negligence I can't even think of the correct word to get across how bad it is.

As a personal example I was excited to come back and play Aion again.  I made the decision to make Aion my main game for the next year minimum.  I didn't want to play on the old servers against people with 5 years of advantage if I didn't have to, but I made the best of it I could and yes you did pull $200 from me with the prepare for 6.2 campaigns.  However, when I logged in after the patch and saw the new server staring me in the face...you lost me.  I've tried to re-excite myself over the past couple days, but your business decision to withhold such critical information from your customers just couldn't be overcome.

So enjoy the $200 you got from me.  If you had given the critical information about a new server coming, I can honestly say you would not have gotten that $200 from me.  However, what you have now lost is the bigger number at the front, and the extra zero at the back, as I made a bunch of new characters on the new server that all would have purchased mounts, outfits, pets, and all kinds of other things from your premium shop.  So understand your business decision to take $200 from me unnecessarily just cost you the THOUSANDS of dollars you would have had from me by next summer.  And be grateful there isn't a Lemon Law for games.

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