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transformation question. please answer


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there's many ppl that dont like as they are forced to look as a polar bear or tigger and we need to spend 1600 nc coins for 20 scrolls that is not good in any way. or wait for 1 day per week to craft 20 transparent scrolls.

the most popular function in Aion from the start was the fact that u can make a unique character but now, why I could spend nc coins on costumes and surgery tickets? many ppl dont like this. why dont put the item on the npc or crafteable by aetherforging? this is like put foods, runing and atk speed/casting scrolls only for nc coins or luna in old times. this really have no sence to force ppl to pay or dont look ur character. 

I understand Dev need to make money with this game, but that's why exist costumes, drop bonus, instance entry boost pack, storage items, housing and many other items on store that we can purcharce and that does'nt affect the gameplay. 

please @Hime, @Cyan.

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  • Aion Team

We're going to send all of your feedback regarding transformations to the devs. We are also looking to improve the availability of the Transparent Transformation Scrolls but nothing to announce for that as of yet. 

Thank you

Locking due to other topics on this.

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