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Can't find the prestige pass quests??

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so in the patch notes it says "Prestige Quests have been renewed. Visit Shugorobo to check them out."

i bought the prestige pass yesterday but i cant find shugorobo anywhere?? ive checked beluslan, pande, enshar, lakrum and the only prestige npc i see is Buffotron and the vending machine and neither of those have quests available such as the monthly one or the weekly reps help pls q.q

@Cyan @Hime

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I think Cyan said they weren't in yet and we had to "stand by". It was in another thread and too lazy to look it up.

It is odd that Gideon and Hime referred to the new quests for Prestige when they weren't in the game yet, but meh. What can you do?

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