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This Nerk be easy!


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So.. I'm pretty sure I could level up hung over, blind and crippled in both hands at this point....

Ok,it.s not quite that easy but still the carping and complaining is just pitiful.. Going to have to get all Mister T on folks I swear..

Hit 65 no quest go fight tiamat again.  It is a repeatable instance ya know...I even got the b'c'n feather thats way better then the level 40 one the game GAVE me...

I am having to play the game on my old win7 box because my win 10 box is just getting all upset about running the anti cheat app.  A minor inconvenience.  Am seeing folks on the new server putting items up for 100's of millions of Kinah and I just gotta laugh because no one has more then maybe a few million at this point. (and the RMT's why.. no where to be seen!  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  Saw one single BOT running and it went boom in front of me  *giggles!*)  

Easy mode levelling up.. decent gear the game hands to you everything dropping just  can be  vendored.  Quest rewards are the equal of the gear ya get and it gets upgraded as you go.   Missing a lot of the old lore but you know that's ok.. If you look with new eyes, its really ok.   Everything your doing is to learn the skills, rotations etc.  Saving all my mana stones and upgrade stuff until level cap where it'll be useful, because for now I just don't need it!  Once I hit the cap it'll be PvP to the max.

I am enjoying myself.  I hope the rest of you are also.  

The one thing though that does irritate me is the "children" whining in trade and LFG about how no one buying their stuff (some disconnect in their brain on the new server.. NO ONE has a lot of money and won't for a while yet.  I just hit 66 and I've a hair under 3 million kinah.. and there is nothing on the broker i want to buy.. zip, nadda, not a nerking thing.  Imma go have to figure out how to blacklist again so I don't have to listen to the baby whining from players who cannot take a few moments to go read the patch notes, not that even matters on a new server where your starting with a NEW toon and no one has nerk!  There stuff you cant even get until you hit the level cap.   I may try my hand at the crafting, but pretty sure that the mats nearly all come out of the end content.  I'll figure that out when I get to it.  Discovering is half the fun right now!

see ya'll out there.

Bittena sends

(on the new server "Kuiama")


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