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issue with arrow keys between char accounts...


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Hi all,

I'll just post this here in case anyone has this issue amongst the 'newness' & is searching for an annoyance solution that stumped me for a day.

I play 2 char on separate accounts, same PC , at same time... char 1 (my original, me here) has in Menu>System Menu>Key Mapping>  the standard W/A/S/D (up/down/left/right) as it always has been.

but char 2 on account 2 (my better catch up & overtake half) since upgrade & with no intervention on my part, has for that path: W/A/S/D (right/null/null/null) ...don't even ask what the defaults were for null but they were annoying enough to allow play... vaguely... but in no way convincingly beyond the immediate newness.

There were also some minor diffs b/w strafe L/R etc that were not bothering me but I re-aligned anyway on #2 to #1...maybe worth doing a complete compare if you have 2 accounts or more...but i'm good for now without.

good luck all :)


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