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New Prestige Pass 6.2


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So today my Prestige Pass is wearing off so I went to buy a new one and I started reading the perks of having it:


Prestige Pass (90 Days)

The new Prestige Pass unlocks new benefits and access to increased rewards to enhance your Aion experience! Enjoy these benefits for 90 days.

Receive Prestige Coins which can be used for purchasing items at a special vendor

Receive a daily Prestige Case, containing a random selection of powerful and useful items.See the items list

Gain access to special NPCs, buffs, and quests

Receive bonus entries into end-game instances. See the bonus list

Receive bonus fortress siege rewards

Receive 30% bonus XP and AP gained from monsters and PvP

Increase your item drop rate by 30%

Increase the potency and charge of your Energy of Repose



Now I'm confused because last siege I was in a group with players that both did and DID NOT have the prestige pack, we all stayed pretty close to each other and at the end of siege everyone in our entire alliance received 120 glory points. I compared my loot from mailbox to a few others but it seemed like we all got the exact same rewards.... So is this bugged or did I miss something? Kinda curious because prestige this patch is kinda feeling like it's not worth it. 

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