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11 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

Not really picking on your, Delessa, just quoted you as someone who is expressing this point. 

First, everyone who was playing prior to the patch had a chance to get compensation gear. We (me included) didn't take as advantage of it as we could have. That isn't NCWest's fault. That's all on us.

Second, you can catch up. I already am. It's a step by step process. Those with compensation gear started several steps down the road, but it's the same road we are walking. When they get to the end of the road, they will have to stop. We will eventually catch up. How fast we catch up is all on us. If you did every artifact weekly quest, the 20-kill repeatables and ran ID, Evergale, Dredg and siege you should have at least half of your level 80 gold gear and you should have started the enchantments.

Third, how is this any different than the last patch? If you didn't get a single piece of compensation gear, you probably had unpurified +15 AP gear or less. You were getting destroyed by people in purified +25 ap gear. They are destroying you now. Not sure how you lost anything. Seems pretty status quo. Now if you are still using that old gear and not the level 75 free stuff, then that might be your problem. Switch to a mix of the new gear you managed to get this week and the free level 75 gold gear. You will still get smooshed by the same people who smooshed you before, but you will survive against those you used to beat before.

Lastly, the population always spikes up when something new happens and then slumps when people who came back get bored or when they see that they won't be able to dominate right out-of-the-gate-after-a-year-long-hiatus leave. 6.x was never going to be The Thing that brought back the hay-days of Aion. Those days are gone.

1) there was no reason to give compensation period; it's literally handing out god mode to either super lucky or super whales. There in lies the problem, the entire compensation scheme has been made into pay to win that eclipses even blade and soul. Blade and soul is pure pay to win, I know as I've played it and have spent maybe 2-3k on it for a reasonably powerful character. In that game's PVP I can be instantly gibbed by a whale yet I have the same chance to do the same. It's actually fair, more fair than Aion right now where on one hand you have players hitting 4-5 digits, and you hit 2.

I used the twink comparison as those with compensated gear actively camp the camps and can kill entire zergs solo until someone with equally compensated gear comes along. It's absurd.

2) Catch up to people who were given red? An apt example is, everyone without compensation has a starter training weapon, and compensated players got 75 AP in 5.0.

80 gold stands zero chance against red or even purple for that matter. I actually have a mix of crafted gold/purple/75 starter, 2 digit damage is reality against purple+ players. This is only because I happen to have billions of kinah (that also got magically reduced by 75%). If you're looking at just the starter set, well good luck, there's no catch up, ever.

3) I quit 1.5 years ago, at the time there was no one I could not kill with +15 75 AP weapons and a 2* set. The only people who would actually kill me were my class' hard counters, templars mostly. The rest were easy. This patch is basically two extremes, god mode and useless. It wasn't ever god mode before. Player skill mattered more than +25 gear; what did you even get from +25? 2k more HP, some more strike resist, 20-40 more attack, a bunch of random buffs that triggered at 8%. Nothing that game changing. Beneficial? Yes, utterly lopsided? No.

4) 4.0 was "the thing", they never learned from that. The thing about 4.0 was that it closed the gap between veteran and new players with the introduction of BM. BM was a highly effective starter set that posed a direct threat to even 65 AP. It continued to pose a threat and be useful all throughout the game. Mythical BM for example was a go to set for block which was rather effective. 4.0 did what no other patch did which was even the gap and make new players have a chance against existing players. They steadily eroded this patch after patch of course but that was primarily what brought players back en-masse.

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We should not need transparent scrolls, especially where we must do Luna or buy at the BCM! We should have the possibility to hide the transformations as we do with the hat and the cape! I really really hate not be able to see my characters as I made/create them. The game is going down the gurgle very fast!

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I agree with everything the OP mentioned.

Some of my biggest concerns:

  • Broker fees - way too high.
  • Kinah - hard to make.  I've been losing kinah every day i play (when i check my balances before i log out / options, it shows I've lost more than I've earned).  
  • PVP Instance timers - bad times for most people I know.   Even worse for Australians with day jobs.  I will rarely get to do IDL or dredge unless it falls on my weekend.
  • GP - hard to earn.  I'm not sure how I'm going to maintain my rank.  I can't earn the required amount.  I'm Australian, and the few sieges are run during my work hours.
  • Skins - harder to obtain.  All the skins went poof from the Luna.  Also all the npc's that sold old armor are gone.  Every-single-one-of-them-GONE.  I've been to ishalgen, panda, priory, gelk, you name it.  Even the old lowbie pvp skins are gone.  The only skins you can buy now are the new level 80 gear, or the few skins in the gold sands trader, or what's left on the broker, unless you get lucky with an event.  The current event doesn't have any skins that I like mind you.  Very sad indeed.
  • Guestblooms - village centre npc's no longer sell the old guest blooms.  I wanted to buy some with the paint/dyes in them, nope, gone.  I can't even get the quest to spawn the additional npc because the quest has been removed from the village centre questboard as well...
  • Mounts - harder to obtain / less options.  Very few on the BCM.  Luna only has 5 day mounts.  Much harder /more expensive for new players to obtain a mount.  A lot of us vet players had it easy with the mounts from Luna.  I actually feel sad for the new players especially when their 7 day chickens expire.  Then they will be "walking, slowly, you know, on foot".(quoting a flight master)
  • Group PVE Instances - little to choose from.  We used to have a lot more group pve instance to pick from that gave rewards (i.e. drops gear) at end game.  I.e.: coe, aoe, adma, theo, DL, FP, DD, BoS, FM, IO, DR, IS, DS, SDS, DLR, etc.  Now the only Group Instances remaining that give rewards for level 80's are CoE, FM, BoS, Infernal DD.  We now only have just 4 group instances at end game.  And good luck finding a pug that can do anything successfully other than CoE.  The pugs and inexperienced/new players will only be able to succeed at CoE.  And that will get boring fast.  Could the team either add some of the other old instances (throw in some portals to enter them) or perhaps allow lower instances to drop some things even if you are 10 levels higher?
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5 hours ago, Bunnies-DN said:
  • GP - hard to earn.  I'm not sure how I'm going to maintain my rank.  I can't earn the required amount.  I'm Australian, and the few sieges are run during my work hours.

Shit, I'm from the US and I won't even be able to maintain mine either. I'll be a soldier rank 1 next time it resets. There just aren't enough ways to earn GP anymore.

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9 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

I believe that Cyan said they were going to look into the amount of GP you need to maintain a rank since it does look to be too high with the current state of the game. Hoping they do that soonish!

It won't matter for me how much they reduce the GP requirement by. 

The problem is, I can only do one siege a week if I'm lucky.  That's it.  And it won't be enough.  There are no other ways to earn GP anymore.

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@Cyan something needs to be done about Stigmas and how difficult it now is to obtain them.

Prior to the 6.2 patch - we had Evergale as a steady flowing source of stigmas, but they have since been removed from the Evergale reward table.  We also had that campsite in Norsvold where you could buy stigmas with spinel medals, but this too has been taken away.  And the really old vets were able to buy stigmas from the stigma merchant, which got converted into bundles after the patch came with the stigma changes a couple of years ago. 

Now the only way to get a stigma is to either:

  • pay exorbitant prices on the broker, or
  • be able to complete Mirash with a tiny chance of it dropping, or
  • run the weekly Luna for 7 weeks straight to get 1 stigma (that's almost 2 months...), or
  • get lucky in an event, should they actually be in the drop table..., or
  • hope they are on the BCM and open up the wallet (which imo is a bit of an insult, considering the majority of vet players never ever had to do this...)

Now as for myself, i have most of my stigmas, but i was spoiled like most of the vets are and have both sets.  

What I am really worried about is the new players.

Example:  new clerics get given the DPS set... not the healing stigmas, which are insanely expensive on the broker.  I pity any new player trying to roll as a cleric and wanting to heal groups, only to find how expensive they are and not able to afford them.

I thought about this today when I met a brand new player on a cleric, he'd just started a day ago and needed advice, and wanted to know where to get stigmas from.  At the time the only place I knew of where i can currently get stigmas, is the broker.  And he needed healing stigmas.  I felt really bad for him.

@Cyan  Question to ponder - How on earth is a brand new cleric supposed to get healing stigmas so they can join in on groups, when the only place currently ingame that you can get cleric healing stigmas from is the broker?  And take a look at how much they cost... new players in this patch are going to struggle having kinah for consumables, I don't think they will be able to afford expensive stigmas.


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3 hours ago, Bunnies-DN said:

I thought about this today when I met a brand new player on a cleric, he'd just started a day ago and needed advice, and wanted to know where to get stigmas from.  At the time the only place I knew of where i can currently get stigmas, is the broker.  And he needed healing stigmas.  I felt really bad for him.

@Bunnies-DN Bun, who is this? Is it someone in our legion? If so, let me know who tonight as I think I have 2 or 3 cleric stigmas on the broker, and I will give them to him/her either free or at a super low cost.

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