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So many questions about 6.2


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I'm sure a few of us Vets are more confused now that the patch is here than before so following are a few questions I have, that many might have also. Maybe you can help a little @Cyan

1. Why is there only 1 EverGale Canyon entry? Are there more entries if you have an instance pack?
2. Where do we get Stigmas now?
3. For those that have or are planning to have a Mansion/Estate, How are we supposed to pay when we can barely make any Kinah? This is especially true of people on the new server.
4. Where are the Pots now? We can't craft them anymore in Aetherforging so, where do we get them now?
5. Why was so much of the story line deleted or modified to "Reach x level to continue"? That makes the gaming experience very monotone. That initial excitement we players had when we started playing in 2.x 3.x etc is gone for a few I've talked to.

 I'm sure there are many other questions from other players as well so I'll leave the floor to them

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1. No clue about Evergale.

2. You can get Stigmas from some instances as rare drops (like Mirash). You can chose a stigma bundle from your 7x weekly lunah quest. Events often give them.

3. The min bid for housing was lowered. If you chose to play on the new server or you are on a brand new character, it may take you a bit to save up enough to buy one.

4. Quest give pots and pots drop from mobs. You can also buy them with kinah in the Gold Sands and there is a potion merchant in town.

5. The story is actually pretty tight now. With the speed of leveling changing as the level cap was increased, a lot of the main story was skipped and disjointed. The rework makes a lot of sense if you play it as a whole new story instead of looking for how it differs from how it was.

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Not sure about evergale, But I guess is realted with the rewards we canget now. We can get massive amounts of Abyss Points in some instances like dredgion or idgel dome (and probably is the same in evergale). But, I do not find were we can use them now. All the Abyss gear apparently is gone. I was looking for the old NPCs selling them and they are gone. I hope we will have them again soon. Some of those gears had nice skins. 

About the stigmas, I remember that a lot of players warned us about that. I guess we are going to use what we have saved. And actually can be a usefull way to get some extra kinah on the broker. 

Related to houses. They said in a previous post that they are thinking how to fix that. But What I can tell you is that every house that we already own had the maintenance paid until January. I guess they are trying to give us some time without that issue so they can study that. But I do not know what will happen with the houses bought tomorrow or later. Maybe will be the same and you will find the maintenance paid for some months too. 

you canget some potions from mobs or quest (so few of them) or you can buy some in a potion merchant in the new maps (probably in the others too. Didn´t check yet). The prices apparently are so high compared with the kinah we can get, but we have them. 

The game is focused on endgame now. reaching lvl 80 is quite easy. Apparently we are not supposed to be on lower levels so much time so the content on low levels is reduced a lot. 

It is not the same game that we had. I said that a lot of times before. Is not a coming back to Aion 3.X - 4.X. It is a new game and is really smaller now. Few maps. Few gameplay. Few options in gear. Few instances. It is a really smaller game now. 

about the questions I have.....

1- why we do not have prices related with our current rate of kinah? I know that we have a lot of kinah from the last week and I think a lot of people is using it without taking care of that. But I feel like we are going to have issues in few months related to kinah shortage. The prices for potions, food, teleports, etc are still similar than what we had the last week, but getting kinah now is more complicated. We should use our current kinah wisely. Could be the last time that we will see billions on our account. 

2- why the broker fees are so high? We can not get so much kinah and we can not use the personal store. So we must sell everything in broker. But we already do not know the prices for everything now. So just using the broker to try is to risky now. I think we will have an smaller offer of items there cause of this. NCSoft lowered the fees not so long ago and they gave a lot of good arguments for that. But now they reverted all that when is more needed. 

3- what can we buy with the Abyss Points now? Where are the Abyss gear and items? As an Elyo I´ve checked all the places where we use to find those NPCs and are deserted. We also lost every medal from previous versions. Are all the Abyss gear and items gone? Do we have a new one? Are those items going to come back at least to have those skins? The AP now has another use, than ranking up the legions?

4- I saw in previous threads about Aion 6.X that we will have quest to get "tokens or coins" to get some gear. But I only found some NPCs selling PvP gear with a new stone-coin. But even with that I only found yellow named gear. Do we have more tokens for PvE gear too? Can we collect more tokens to buy also purple or red named gear? (I saw the red wings with a yellow coin). 

5- Aetherforging is going to get more things? It is supposed to be more complete? We have just a bunch of few items to craft now. Like is to small and simple now. Yet we have different oppinions. Some people find those gears usefull and some others say is just rubbish gear. 

6- The cubic items are supposed to be in our inventory waiting? there are so many tipes and grades. In few months we will have a lot of space in our inventory used with them. It is working as intended or it is supposed to have a place for them in the future. If we add all the transform potions that exist we are going to have a lot of issues. 

7- Can we have a patch notes including the info with all the skills removed or mixed? I saw that a lot of them changed. I find a lot of skills in grey mode and gone. And some of them are removed. But some are still there combined with others. But I reached lvl 80 on my cleric suffering the lack of mana, and after that i saw here that now blessed shield includes penance and life curtain. (Yeap. was funny). Also I found that the sorcerer can still drain HP but now is mixed with the skill that can be repeated 3 times (do not remember the name)

8- I saw that a lot of new gear does not include flight time. Of course we do not have so many places for that now. But are we going to a game where using wings will be totally irrelevant?

9- In previous threads we saw that the luna recipes will include mounts with limited lifetime. But we saw 30 days in the images. Yet we are getting 5 days mounts. They are not so expensive, but the duration seems to be so reduced. It is that ok? 

10- For the players that played before, there are a lot of things still usefull that we can not get now. We have permanent mounts, we have some godstones on older gear. Our old gear can include some stats that new gear does not (actually I am thinking about some combinations to get better results. I need to study that yet). And we have a lot of remaining kinah. But new players will find so few kinah and none of those items. They dont even have mounts (only those with 5 days). How they are going to compete with the older players now?

lol. I have more doubts. but i think is already so much xD


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I have played Aion since its beginning and now, I think Aion is about to die rapidly. Aion already had its best times, before Housing had been implemented with Update 3.0 Ascension. Well, is this purposed by the Game Devs: Killing a great game for a upcoming next one? Or even to force players to switch to BnS? So why the great BCM / Market overhaul for Aion which currently has some issues as well.

Will crafting return in an enhanced way? Will older regions come back and new regions be added? What about the other great features which have been removed? Instances and other main issues as other players have already announced and mentioned. Aion looks so empty now. Crushed!! What else? Just a few Quests within the main story line to reach Level 80? Massively boring. All Professions gone, ridiculous. NPC's are dead. Iron to Platinum Coins gone as well as Medals and other Coins. The revamp of Ishalgen looked great before, but now by version 6.x, we nearly speedrun it without any common sence. Really a shame!

Well, I had read all upcoming "features" for 6.0 as we all did, but I had never thought it was THAT bad in real....

Oh dear, I might return back to Lineage II. Though, it had its best times too. My favourite Lineage II Version was Gracia Part II.

R.i.P. Aion & L2 ... Will it?

I hope until Aion's next Update, the Mods and Devs register all player's needs and (in-)game statistics...

Heck, I loved crafting in Aion.... before we got flooded with free potions, scrolls and etc...

It is like Aion has been completely dumbed-down for a dumbed-down world... No any complexity anymore, just a Major Update to invite dumbed-down kids of nowadays.

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