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Fix that greedy Transformation feature or...

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Gonna disappoint you my friend, but the transformation system is a new mechanic that you can’t just remove from one day to another. Our xforms are already nerfed/modified compared to other regions to make it “less op” I guess, but the current issue is their availability.

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Either replace the transforms with buff scrolls or make them invisible by default. PAY TO SEE the look you created in character creation is BASAKWARDS! Should be pay to see the cartoonish looks. Those bloody cars ruin the immersion too. Shriner cars, Polar bears, penguins, dogs - NOT helping immersion.

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I agre it should have been pay to see that cartoon shit.... i got a cool ghost rider looking skin from some pouch i open but evveytime i use a xform potion im pissed...

make the potions ..just potions without the visuals but pay to see if u want .. would make more sense 

I dont mind transform scrolls work as it does now since there is a pay to  own scrolls option and its  has the benefit of being account based so that they only trade off

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