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No money for teleport

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I just ran around Sanctum on a level 10 toon to try and find available low level quests that supply you with kinah. I only found one, and it's a tutorial about legions. Search for Euvano (/where Euvano in chat), and he'll give you 653 kinah if you haven't completed that quest yet. Otherwise...I think you might be out of luck.

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Well. the new economy it is complicated. 

But if you are a new player, maybe you can use return to move. We used to have our first soulbound point in the starting maps. If you didn´t change that, you can still come back to a map with things to kill (and the chance to get some kinah). Return is a green skill that looks like an arrow shape going down. That one is free to use. 

You can change your soulbound point in every obelisk in many places, but try to keep it in places with mobs or quest. 

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