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It's not fair that we (Ereshkigal), need to fight Danaria or Katalam users who have handed out gear. Literally can't do nothing but afk.
1. Give everyone same stats in Idgel Dome, Arena of Harmony, Discipline and Ashunatal Dredgion.
2. Make the matches only Ereshkigal vs Ereshkigal.
Evergale Canyon is the only that would be excent from this.

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Wow you sound very frustated.

Most of Ereshkigal players are newcomers or returning users. It's a population that is primordial to keep, hence doing what's best for everyone.

There's no point in killing pvp (the other half of this game and what atracts the most). Specially in this patch since doing PvP is now actually rewarding.

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Adding a new server was the worse thing that NCWest could have done. You will need a merge in a month. Maybe two. The best thing that could happen now that EK is here is that NCWest drags their feet and doesn't do the merge for a year or more. Crossing my fingers.

Don't worry. You will get gear and be able to take on existing groups. Until then, hope for an afk group of alts.

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I believe alot of newcomers and returning users had the false assumption that 6.2 was supposed to be a reboot to this game. The exchanged gear did create a huge imbalance now between people who didn't take advantage of the event before patch got released.

Match this up with the lack of kinah for new/returning players and poor enchantment rates to fairly catch up (In previous versions, simple BM gear can put you at a competitive level out in open world), it's not looking too good if some things aren't changed within the next few weeks. The new server was probably created to counter this but its inevitable it will get merged soon.

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