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xigncode cannot regist module issue mabey found

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i read a few got a few issue with xigncode and i got same issue so i looked up various issue and for me it didnt feel right so i notice when i checked BDOs files on there xigncode folder and aions folder that aion miss like 3 files because i tested the bdo files in aion and i got the xignacode to work until it shut down because of wrong xigncode but it worked to get in to the little icon loader. so the luncher itself seems not to download those 3 files through our luncher:

1: xcorona.xem

2: xmag.xem

3: xxd-0.xem

i only checked 64 version xignacode folder dunno if 32 have same issue.

also iam aware that both use same basic engine but mabey diffrent setup so  i assume this must be an issue on aion teams end because if im not getting error: cannot regist xigncode module when trying bdo files in aion xigncode seems we missing files in our end from aion team because i bypass with bdo but i dont get in game because of the bdo icon in corner is wrong for aion one but still  shows we missing files from luncher anyway.

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