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Where is that dumb Balaur Spiritualist?

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Please help, I keep getting stuck in a loop on the campaign Asmo-Sheltered thoughts .  I go into the internal passage, and I see some big guy doing magic, but I cannot click on him to fight, instead I get sent inside to kill another dragon.   All that does is send me back to Tiamat and I end up fighting her and dying till the time runs out.  Please what am I missing.


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I havent done that quest, but this is usually what happens in DLR.

1) You go in, kill Calindi (first dragon).

2) Tiamat transforms and paralyses you. Empyrean Lord appears in the middle.

3) Four portals open up, each with a Balaur Spiritualist standing in front of it. You kill it, then enter the portal and kill the Incarnate (weaker Tiamat dragon). In the new version of the instance, you only do this once, I believe.

4) Tiamat falls but still fighting.

5) You kill her and get a cutscene.

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