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So, I created a new character, and wanted to make her good in essencetapping. However, I couldn't find any herbs, minerals or whatever I need for it. I'm over lvl 10 now, and it doesn't matter how hard I'm searching around locations, just no sign of any materials (except for Pernon). Do anyone know how it works after that 13h long update? 

Thank you for any tips ^^

(Ps:I miss Altgard.)

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Rootles Aria can be gathered with 1 skill point and an essence tapper for each attempt - an NPC in Pernon/Oriel sells them. No tappers, no gathering and, even then it's ONLY to do Pernon/Oriel quests, not for crafting or selling or anything, if it isn't for the quests, it's low kinah vendor rubbish is all. If you really want the quest rewards, go for it but don't expect to get the cost of all the essence tappers you'll need back.

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What gets me is that for whatever reason, they removed/exchanged all of the crafting charms and kept all gathering charms in the game. But yet essencetapping has very little to no value and relevance in the game anymore, whereas Aetherforging at least has endgame relevance. So it would seem that they completely messed up when it comes to that whole aspect with the charms.

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