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I think I understand how damage is calculated.

I am working on getting my pvp set above the Lakrum set.

I am still using my +15 staff from 5.8 because of the 19% attack speed and my gloves and my boots for the run speed 22%.  The rest is a mix of pvp lakrum and genesis crystals pvp gear.  My question is am I better off using all genesis pvp armor/weapon/accessories and let the attack speed/run speed go so I can actually damage something?

Anyone done testing....?

I watched a video on the way damage is calculated and basically if my physical attack is lower than my opponents physical defense I will do base damage?  I see some people (can't tell their gear) 1-3 shot mobs that take as a chanter a little while to beat down.  

Any thoughts?

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Basically if your physical attack < opponent physical defense, then your effective physical attack is 0. (Currently effective physical attack cannot be negative)

Some of the normal mobs have significant physical defense. Mainly the level 80 mobs in the middle of Lakrum have more physical defense than the physical attack obtainable from full Lakrum set.

In this case your attack skills will do exactly [Skill base damage].

  • For level 76+ characters, [Skill base damage] * 2, due to new passives that gives +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense.

Even in some lowbie areas, a few types of mobs (mainly the bulky-looking ones) have more physical defense than the physical attack from best campaign/quest gear available to them.

My version of the damage formulas

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Thanks MooMoo,

So I should get a pvp staff fused with another pvp staff with genesis crystals and use the boots/gloves as well and the weapon to get a high enough physical damage to overcome the other players physical defence correct?  The use of old staff 19% and gloves 8% attack speed are not really doing me any good if I can't overcome the physical defence.  Boots maybe just for running at 22% is helpful.

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