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Applying founders pack items to characters

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Returning to the game after 6-8 years. I remember previously having to go to go to NCsoft's site and apply the bonuses (title is the main one I remember) to each new character. I nolonger see an option like this.

Sorry if this has been asked 100x. Googling it finds about 20 threads mentioning it, but when you click them it just brings you to the front page fo the forums.

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Hi there those threads you mention are no longer available are from the old forums wich one got erased and replaced for this one.

From what i remember those old items are lost for ever in the abyss flowing away in the eternal current of aether.

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Yes, those items are gone, along with any "account wide" items purchased before the conversion to logging in with your e-mail address instead of username you made up.

I had a 24-slot pet that I bought from the BCM that was account wide, meaning whenever I created a new toon on the account I could give it the pet.

At this point all of the Collector's Edition items would be of no benefit.  Leveling is so much faster now and you get free gear from quests.

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