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Katalam Influence Ratio Fix Please

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I’m sure I’m not alone on this: Katalam server has a huge imbalance. Way too many Elyos which makes it almost impossible to solo anything as an Asmo especially if you don’t have the “best” gear. 

One suggestion I have, is if Ncsoft could stop people from making Elyos characters. Restrict it to only Asmo characters till the server is balanced again.

This only limits it though as most characters are returning players. 

If anyone has anymore suggestions post away. Hopefully a majority of people want this to change considering how bad it is for Asmos in Lakrum Siege. 

Thankyou :) 

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KT Asmos have always been scrappy. Even outnumbered, they historically organize and prevail. Hopefully that will happen for you in 6.x as it has in past patches.

Restricting Elyos creation (or Asmo if the situation was revered) has not helped in the past. People who want to make an Elyos will just roll on another server. That may stop your Elyos faction from getting stronger, but it won't make people roll Asmodian.

NCSoft has never been able to fix faction imbalance even though this has been an issue since day 1. Restricting creation and incentives haven't worked. The "buff of losers" is the best thing they have come up with to help a disadvantaged faction. Unfortunately that takes time and it isn't working quite right at the moment. (Hopefully that is fixed soon.)

In short.. take heart. If you can stick it out, KT Asmos will rise again.

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