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2 hours ago, Edmond-KT said:

I know man.. i'm asking why the decision? Why is now this way?

Ahh. "Why" would be "that's the way the Devs want it". Not quite sure we will ever know why for sure, though I am sure people have theories. It's probably a combination of all of those theories. I have heard..

  • to control inflation
  • to combat kinah buying
  • to combat botting
  • to prevent alt farming and encourage BCM purcashes

I am sure there are many more theories that I can't recall right now. It's a big change and is tough to get used to.

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Alright I finally got down to good old asian grind fest for 4 hours straight and yeah I agree the prices that you npc stuff should be increased. Doesn't make sense that I'm forced to used green grade xform although I have ancient grade from the event and yet still only somewhat break even in terms of kinah earned from npc-able loot with respect to xform scrolls used. I understand people are going to say o put the craft mats on broker and make kinah but as mentioned countless of times in god knows how many posts, broker merely redistributes kinah among the player base and doesn't actually generate new kinah into the game. For now, I'm still alright but by 6/1/2019, i'll actually have to also start paying 4m per week for my estate and I hope this kinah % sales issue is sorted out by then at better rates because otherwise I might be running a deficit with respect to kinah earned from npc-ing loot. (Again, not mentioning broker because broker is not the way to solve this kinah deficit issue that is slowly going to affect everyone.)

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