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PvP set for RANGER 6.0


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Inquisitor or Vindicator?

I've been trying to answer this question considering how much Evasion is needed to actually make any difference and also taking into account that adding P.Def to a leather set (that doesn't have that many PDef to start) may not be too advantageous either.

I tend to go with Evasion because that's like the defensive attribute assigned to the class (i.e., we have "evasion rate increase" passive skills (levels 1, 2 and 3) while other classes have "boost hp" or "boost block"). I believe that if they need to do something to rebalance classes and they decide that rangers need to last longer, I believe they would improve on evasion, maybe not P.Def.

Inquisitor leads me to https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110350066
Vindicator leads me to https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110350072
Therefore I tend to go with Inquisitor, that would lead me to Firebrand set.

What are your thoughts?

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I think it really depends on how you are equipped in the game. If you are already equipped in the game I really think it best to start doing a full set Inquisitor. For players who are starting from scratch I suggest a mix:

Inquisitor armors/hat when purified to Legendary has Evasion, MR and Critical bonus while Vindicator has Def, MR (less than the previous), and HP bonus. Here I prefer critic rather than HP (anyways, when Inquisitor armors/hat is purified to ultimate I will get a chance to get HP).

Accessories do not follow the pattern of armors/hat and Inquisitor when purified to Legendary has Evasion, MR and Critical bonus while the Vindicator has HP bonus, and Critical and Parry/Shield. Here I prefer to have Critical + HP. More important, the ultimate version of Inquisitor (for accessories) does not have HP.

I believe that a player who started from scratch will be with a legendary set for a long time and therefore I believe that the mix is the best choice to have a good amount of Crit + HP.

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