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Crafting items tradeable thru legion warehouse

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It will be great when crafting items will be tradeable thru legion warehouse. There are many people in legions which don't have craft   and want to share crafting items with others who does it.  We tried many times to transfer this items thru Broker   but someone other bought it.   The same is with crafted items,  so when our members dont have much money as they started to play this game before just a few days, they dont have enough money to buy items from legion crafters at Broker prices.  So again someone other buy very cheap items because some people want to help others in legion.

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I would support this, I stopped crafting for my legion members because we failed to trade 12 legendary kibriums (sorry im slow) so he sent it to broker again, once crafted I sold it to broker so he can get it and turns out someone else bought it lol. 

With the current system only way to help them for now is carrying them through dungeons, new players can learn their class more which will help them in the long run.

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