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Aion 6.2 formulas for Phy/Mag Critical, Block, Parry, Evasion, Magic Resist

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With 6.0, the following stats have been changed:

  • Critical
  • MagicalCritical
  • Block
  • Parry
  • Dodge
  • MagicalResist

For all of these stats, it takes a lot more excess stats to achieve each point of percentage, and follows a diminishing returns formula in the same fashion as Archdaeva stats in 5.0.

For Critical and MagicalCritical:

  • Percentage = 170 * stat / (24000 + stat)

For Block and Parry:

  • Percentage = 170 * (stat - HitAccuracy) / (24000 + stat - HitAccuracy)
  • HitAccuracy is your enemy's accuracy.
    • You cannot block or parry if your stat is less than the enemy's HitAccuracy .

For Dodge and MagicalResist:

  • Percentage = 120 * (stat - accuracy) / (24000 + stat - accuracy)
  • accuracy is enemy's HitAccuracy (against Dodge), or MagicalHitAccuracy (against MagicalResist).
    • You cannot evade if your dodge stat is less than the enemy's HitAccuracy
    • You cannor resist if your MagicalResist stat is less than the enemy's MagicalHitAccuracy



Credits to Livo on youtube for amount of (excess) stats required to reach each percentage of effect trigger chance:


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