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Attention NCSOFT. We requested three adjustments for the AION - Urgent.

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Your arguments have devolved into the nonsensical.

Now you're arguing that NC should ignore me because even if I had thrown thousands into the game before I quit for awhile so I won't do that again. That's rich, I'll bet you're a very successful executive of a major company.



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I gotta agree with the other guy.  It's doubtful that someone who hasn't played the game in, how long was it again, is going to have that much of an impact with support based on what they USED to spend on the BCM.  Hell, the first 3-ish years I played, I spent more on the BCM than I care to admit.  It hasn't helped me with support lol.  Besides, I don't know if I'm confident enough as a person to start a support ticket (or a forum post) with "Do you know who I am?  You certainly know what my credit card info is.  I demand you make this change/fix this problem I'm having!"   But that could just be me....

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