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Conqueror's Marks


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So I have a bunch of old Conqueror's Marks that I want to spend. I guess you can buy Vanquisher's Boxes and hope for armor. The armor is outdated, but I may want to use for skins. Anyway, where do you spend these? Google tells me there was an NPC in Katalam, but obviously, that's not gonna work anymore lol. Is there anywhere you can still spend these Marks?

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With 4.8, as replacement for random Conqueror Marks, we got the Conquest Offering system in Inggy and Gelk.

We got merchant NPCs in those regions which sell goods for really high amounts of Conqueror Marks. If you have enough for anything, good.

Else, you might have a better chance with the simple bundle, which has a chance to give you any item bought wuth those tokens. But you will be getting scrolls most of the time.


These NPCs are in the main fortress of the region. Not the deactivated ones.

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