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Notice how all of them had transparent transformation scrolls on except the last guy jumping on the piano.

you lads don't got phones? 

They're going to keep making these mobile games because it makes them more money. Mostly everyone has a phone not a PC that can run high end graphics. These game designers are just about the money, th

6 minutes ago, Vanguard-EK said:


Translate into English but the title "엔씨, 리니지2M·아이온2·블소 모바일 3종 내년 출시" means NC, Lineage2, Aion2, B&S 3 Mobile to be released next year.

Unless there's a different project, I've done my research in Korean. Yes, I'm Korean.

Is there any confirmation for it not to be a mobile game? I know @Pyxy-KT has posted it, but it would be nice to hear from a Korean who has done some research.

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Here is another article stating that "Aion2" is a mobile game. I'll continue to look further into it. Give me few more minutes as articles are popping up.


Check this website out. It states the following "NC의 새로운 모바일 라인업을 공개합니다" it means "These are the new mobile line up for NC" and it lists Lineage2M, AION2, Blade & Soul M, Blade & Soul 2, and Blade & Soul S.

I'm going to spend some time watching Youtube clips and I'll be back.

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The more articles that pop up, the more depressing it gets. A lot of articles call it the sequel to Aion:Tempest where they intend to finish the story off. So far I've seen 4 articles about Aion2 being a mobile title.

That being more and more true, what happened to these gaming companies now? What happened to the drive to make a PC MMO? 


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They just went full Blizzard on us.

The AION player base is PC only and they just made a NYERKING MOBLIE GAME!

It gets worse: There is no Elyos vs Asmo/ Faction vs Faction in A2.


The feature of 'Aion 2' is to make three changes to the original and complete it. First, the conflicting Elyos and Asmodians disappear from the original work. Instead, the content of the invasion is added. Aion explains that Lee, Tae-Ha, general director of Aion 2 announcement, is worried about whether to invade or not.

The game is pretty much Elyos only.



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