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Ticket wait times?

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anyone know how long tipical time is for a response on a ticket u make for assistance??

ive been waiting pretty much a whole day and i cant even play the game because of it
Reason because ive been gone from Aion for awhile and lets be real when u quit a game who actually remembers there charecter pins and stuff from years ago?
and because i forgot them and didnt write em down i cant even play the game atm till they respond.

Edit:: incase anyone wonders bout the name its the inactive name and i cant change it till i can gain access to the charecter..

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forgot to add sumthing

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Could be longer than 24 hours with the number of tickets being processed with the new patch.

This thing to keep in mind is that you should -not- bump your ticket once you make it. Replying to your own ticket before Support responds does not put you to the top of the pile but actually pushes you down to the bottom of the pile as if it were a new ticket.

So make your ticket. You should get a "we got your ticket" response pretty quickly. Then sit tight and wait.

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