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Forcing players to trade through the broker.

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18 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:


And I believe I know why the number of maps was reduced. The devs were seeing too many people walking around on empty maps that were supposed to be PvEvP maps. I remember trying to complete my PvP daily quests on some maps and not being able to find anyone there. Not a single enemy. That's like having an important quest with great rewards and yet the mob isn't placed on the map. You would be up in arms over that, right? Having -one- endgame map makes everyone happy and makes it possible to complete every quest. 

Here is the thing. You chose to play a game that advertises itself as PvPvE. You can admit you weren't forced and you weren't fooled or tricked, right? When you saw the map of Lakrum, you noticed how the map was split? Two sides with a base for each race at the South and a clearly defined middle ground in between. I don't think it takes a genius to see that there are "safer" areas and areas where more likely than not you will see PvP, though the whole map is marked for PvP. You can reduce the chances that PvP will happen by staying in the safer areas, but you are never going to be able to reduce that chance to 0. Because that's the -game-.

So yeah. Be in a PvP area at end-game or don't play. No one is forcing you. It's the game design. If the design doesn't work for you, then you chose the wrong game.

Well sorry bro, but i totally disagree with your assessment, i think you are fully mistaken on what the concept of an rpg is. I've played quite a good share of mmorpgs (L2, RO, WoW, Flyff, etc.), i was even GM in a RO server for more than 5 years, and i have NEVER, NEVER seen, ANY game than in an update patch, reduced the amount of content, even less like this case where the content was ridiculously cut to less than 10% of the original xD. Even more, Aion behaved exactly like all the other games, in the logic path, from it's beginning till the v5, just NOW, one month ago, in the last patch, everything changed and it turned basically into a high-rates-pvp-only server. Maybe you haven't realized that EU and KO are loosing a LOT of people after this update, so, if you really believe that this is the focus of an rpg game, again, i think you should be playing something else.

I recommend you to take an fps-killing tour in the Elyos city in Lakrum, you are gonna see +200 players ALL DAY LONG afk in the city.

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@Cyan I would LOVE to know the reasoning behind making almost everything important untradeable yet available to be sold on broker. Community and player interaction is a major part of MMO's and that

The tax is why people aren't doing what you suggested. I guess I'll have to deal with it, but with a game like this, trading should just be enabled like it was before.

Actually, I don't think many people are, and that's the problem. They don't have enough self-restraint to NOT do things that are detrimental to their own financial stability. That's not anyone's fault

Korea called this patch "Refly". It was billed as a return to what Aion was at launch. Either you didn't read that. Didn't understand it. Or chose to ignore it. If you really were a GM, my bet is on all three.

Best of luck with your afking.


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