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Enhancement Rate = Unplayable


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  1. 1. In your experience, does the enhancement rate seem balanced and fair?

    • Yes, because I am RNG carried.
    • No, because I am normal and getting cucked.

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Have people forgotten that when there used to be enchantment stone levels the players could pick and choose? 80-95% max for 1-10 and 50-65% max for 10-15.

In this patch you're stuck with an arbitrary number with nothing you can do. But I guess that's why they sell everything in South Korea, all the better to fleece players of their money.


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I've been playing since the new patch has come out with a fresh new character.  I have no compensation gear.  The enhancement rate is so incredibly low that I have been forced into a decision of if it

Im not sure why the compensation gear is so OP.  I understand maybe giving people a +15 Ancient set that cannot be purified.  But giving some people near endgame gear on release of the patch? That jus

HAH did you guys see the patch notes? They did not address any of the important stuff we have been telling them about.

Logged in and Just used every ancient PVP stone I could get from weekly's to throw at my +7 necklace... the necklace is now +5 and all stones gone.


Now I can wait another week to get it even lower YAY!

More and more it's looking like this game is not worth it!

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People wont complain about the enhancement rates if we had a lot of means of obtaining legendary pvp/pve at least, coming from someone with a losing faction, legendary pvp stones is so limited it’s a struggle to purify ancient pvp gear. Any other instances that give legendary pvp stones aside from EC?

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1 hour ago, Atrotta-DN said:

Week 3, all ancient PvP stones gone, all legendary stones gone. First piece of ancient genesis gear, still +10. So you're telling me, it's going to take me ONE MONTH to get just one piece? Is this legit or am I doing something wrong? Kappa

Nope, that's how it is now and you're lucky to get that in a month.

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This is honestly how I think it should be 100%..It needs to be that since legendary/ultimate pvp stones are hard to come by, especially ultimates, legendary stones need to be 100% success rate on ancient gear, same for ultimate. Legendary stones on legendary gear need to be 100-80%(1-10 being 100%, 10-15 being 80%), ultimate still 100%. Legendary on ultimate 80-50%, ultimate on ultimate 100-80%. The only reason why I put such high success rates is because acquiring these stones takes time..lots of time, especially if you are getting from instances. Otherwise if not this then they 100% need to increase the rate at which you can acquire these stones as far as legendary and ultimate stones go, whether it being how many drop per instance run, or getting rid of the every other day bs and bring back daily runs. 

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What if it's not RnG at all . call me crazy but some times it feels like a simple timer.   On  or  off   1 or 0   yes or no  and this switch  turns off and on randomly .. hardly feels like rng  at all more like a switch. the higher your enchant the more often the switch is in the no position and thus is why  people save up alot of enchants and spam rather then try here and there.  Any thoughts?

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