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How is one meant to play a healer now?

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The new gear buffs your HP so much, to match the damage new mobs do, but the healing skills have not been scaled accordingly.

Unless I missed something, how is one meant to heal someone with minimum 40k HP with skills that heal 1-4k HP, when mobs hit for a few k each basic attack?
The 1-4kHP heals made sense when people had around 20k tops give or take, but now?

Also why so many mana regen and dot heals skills got removed?

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Then you're bad. All the simplified/combined skills actually made healing for both PvE and PvP much easier. There are fewer skills to manage and it's much more straightforward. The only thing that really sucks about the cleric in 6.2 was the removal of life curtain and Penance (which effects were reworked into Blessed Shield). The cooldowns of most skills were lowered to 1 minute and can be cast instantly allowing you to be more mobile. Tips: obvious stigma-build: Benevolence, Ripple of Purification, Splendor of Rebirth, Noble Grace, Saving Grace, Sympathetic Heal (PvE)/Power Sprint for PvP healing to run away. In PvE, save Noble Grace for when you know you need massive sustained heals. Like if a boss who does multiple AoEs, or you know there's a lot of incoming damage. A splendor of Recovery (AoE hot) is amplified when you slap Noble Grace on it. Always try to be casting the group AoE heal, Healing Majesty. It's the charge skill. When cast at lvl 3 (complete charge), its effects last for 6 seconds. It reduces the cast time of all heal spells just a little bit. This skill replaced healing wind - which didn't have that effect. I prefer to take Rebirth (single target heal over time stigma) over the healing servant, because the servant isn't that strong, and you can place the heal over time on your tank, the person taking the brunt of the damage. 


Skills to pop for mana in PvE:

Blessed Shield + Amplification + Potion for mana. If you're really struggling on mana, you will have to pop Sage's Wisdom so that you don't lose any mana for 10s that Blessed Shield is slowly replacing. By popping Sage's Wisdom, you have 50 seconds to deal with lack of mana compared to 1minute. In battle, 10 seconds can feel like an eternity. If you're in PvP, it is highly recommend you save Sage's Wisdom for 1 of two scenarios: 1. You need to get off a quick Call Lightning to finish an enemy off. 2. You're groups ass are dying and you need to get off a quick Ripple or Splendor AoE. Like PvE, slap on noble grace for even more heals for those "oh sh!t" moments.


Also, the healing boost was slightly reconfigured in 6.2 like some other stats. Heal boost is significantly stronger and actually has a purpose. Pre 6.2 I never knew anyone to actually make a heal boost pve set. I believe most opted just for HP. I think its totally worth it now. When I'm done getting my PvP MATT/Crit Spell set done I will make my entire CoE set heal boost. 

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you realize that most gear doesnt have heal boost on it til you actually retune for it so in cases of being in ultimate gear for example (this include the ultimate genesis crystal accessories+wings) you can very very easily reach 1k+ healboost with benevolence. in cases of pve whether its ancient legendary or ultimate you just need to retune for the heal boost as well as factor in power shards but u need to grind for those for right now. as a cleric you really shouldnt be having mana problems if your rotating amp blessed shield and pots properly. 

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