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So yesterday my mau form needed 2k dp for the buff, now its a toggle?


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Ok, I see you have been away for longer...

Basically, during 5.0 we changed form "Daevas" to "Archdaevas" upon reaching level 66 (and max level of 75), and this came with several benefits. One of them were Archdaeva Skills, which unlocked in a certain special way tied to gaining XP. They were improved versions of the skills we already had. One of them for Rangers was Mau Form, whose Archdaeva version is Mau Blessing. Then 6.0 happened (just two weeks ago) and removed the "Archdaeva" status. We did keep Archdaeva skills, and they are now just regular skills you get between level 76 and 80.

On top of that, another change for the levelling process in 6.0, skills in your quickbar are automatically replaced by the more powerful version. So, basically, what happened, you were level 60 or 70 something, you got to level 80, and you unlocked Mau Blessing, automatically replaced in your quickbar.

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Rangers should be in Mau Blessing at all times.


"Upkeep Cost: DP 50 (4s)"

50 DP is nothing. Some mobs have better defense then others. Shoot them all and take mental notes which ones build up DP the fastest. If we are farming we will never need to stop Mau Blessing. If DP is a little low, turn it off, but always use it for a 8-12 second burst when you need it.

Awesome skill!


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