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"Returning" Player, 0 Attack Stat


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Hello all,

A few weeks ago I leveled a character to 65, then stopped because I heard leveling past 66 before the recent patch would be a waste of time. However, after returning to the game today, I am unable to finish the level 57 campaign which requires fighting Tiamat - I die to her second phase because my damage is non-existent.

I realized that my skills were doing less damage than my auto-attacks... due to the new damage stats/formulas. I'm currently wearing the free 55 mythic gear from the 5.8 - is there any way to get a quick set of armour and accessories with the new attack stat on them (for level 65 or under)?? I did the first few blue quests in Enshar hoping I could just skip the campaign, but it seems that the rest of the quests in the zone are locked behind completing the campaign. It seems like the best option might be to backtrack and try to find quests in Gelkmaros... but I have no idea which quests give equips, not to mention that the dark-blue quests do not show up on the map. And a lot of the gear apparently came from campaign quests (which have been auto-completed, so no rewards for me).

I also do not have access to the Cheska/Roye reward box which gave my friend a full set of weapons/accessories/armor at level 50. The pink quest does not appear in Pandaemonium.

Or, alternatively - is there another way to level to 80, or some other level where free armor is given out, without having to progress the campaign

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The damage formula for physical attack skills have changed completely.

  • 5.8 and before: Weapon Damage + Skill Damage - Armor Defense
  • 6.0 onwards: Skill Damage * (1 + (Physical Attack + PvE or PvP Attack - Physical Defense - PvE or PvP Defense) / 1000)

Note: the following are brand new stats that do not exist in old gear

  • Physical Attack
  • PvE Attack
  • PvP Attack
  • Physical Defense
  • PvE Defense
  • PvP Defense
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