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Freakin' 0 Damage on enemy during pvp...

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33 minutes ago, Rapier-DN said:

It's immaterial. Now you're literally making excuses- "oh my damage isn't great I can just survive"- Really. When people post that 1 chanter can hold off 4 players, you'd like say that the chanter has a bit more survivability there as well. Imagine how long  those other 4 players are likely to stay in the game.



I think you misunderstood the point of my post.  I wasn't saying that Chanter isn't broken because it definitely is, just that the reason why isn't the damage.  You said that the issue is that people do 0 damage to better geared players - all I was saying is that I'm less of a DPS than most of you and don't seem to have this problem despite having the same gear.  Yes, one chanter can survive the assault of 4 players.  No, Chanters don't do more damage than Sorcerers or Assassins.

I agree that the differences in gear is a bit too large, I was really just saying that people need to be smarter about the fights they pick and how they play given the current state of the game.  It's one thing to acknowledge an issue and a whole other thing to continuously complain about said issue while not trying to work around it.

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I think PvP should be skilled based not gear based.  Gear should make your job easier, but if you suck at PvP a lesser geared player should still be able to kill you.  You should not be 1 or 2 shot because of gear difference.  That is not what PvP is all about.

If I'm really good at PvP I should be able to kill anyone, no matter what gear they are wearing.  If I suck at PvP I should not be able to 1 or 2 shot someone because I outgear them.


Just my 2 cents.


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