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Load Screen Crashes @ 45 - 48%


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I've recently been trying to get Aion reinstalled on my machine to resume playing with some friends of mine. I've gotten the game to load as far as 48% before it crashes and freezes windows as well. I've checked event viewer and created an aionlog folder and neither have been able to give me any leads as to why the program wont load past 48%. I've contacted official aion support but they keep giving me these copy pasta fixes that I've already tried.

Here are some of the things I've tried.

  • Run as administrator
  • Compatibility Mode for Win 8
  • Rename Aion.bin to Aion.bin.old (x64)
  • Copy Bin 64 to replace and rename bin 32.
  • Reinstalled 4x, file repaired more than that.
  • Turned off all third party services. 
  • Disabled Windows Firewall & Windows Defender
  • Uninstalled GeForce Experience.
  • Reinstalled Graphics Drivers.
  • Tested Hard Drives, CPU, & Graphics Card.
  • Disabled Multiple Displays
  • Reduced Resolution from 3440 x 1440 to 1920 x 1080

My PC information is as follows.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Intel i7-6700k
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  • x2 Samsung SSD 850 Pros
  • 32GB Ram

I'd love to see if you guys have had any issues similar to this or any fixes that might be able to help, at this point I'd try pretty much anything. I've been working on this for about 4 days and I'm still at square one. 


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Try allowing more disk space to be used as virtual memory. Aion, despite the update, is an old game, it's doing good to handle the addresses in the lower 8 GB of RAM. Thing is Windows wants in there too and, Aion gets lost, either crashes with no explanation or, if you get in game, gives you a send log. Give it the virtual memory it is coded to look for, might help.


My rig is pretty close to your, different GPUs, but that's about it, I've never had a crash and, manually managing my virtual memory is about the only obvious difference I can think of.

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Alright, ran CC Cleaner to cleanup some the registry of abandoned .dll's.

Also reorganized the SSD.

Upped the Virtual Memory to a static 49GB, 1.5x of memory. Rebooted the PC about 100 times and I've actually gone backwards. XignCod3 is loading and the game is immediately freezing before even getting to the load screen now. 

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